Photo Manipulation Service

What is Photo Manipulation?

Image Manipulation is the processing of images by editing or modifying recent or past images to affect their characteristics or commercial appearance. This can be related to photo caption, design, color change, background change, focus change, photo editing etc.

Manipulation of the image usually takes place after certain preparation of the camera and replaces the normal parts of the image using graphics software. This can happen at multiple levels. It is used to create photographic projects, promotional images, marketing initiatives, business photography, print materials, etc.


Why is photo manipulation necessary?

Image manipulation has some purpose. Commercial businesses and various commercial fields require high quality images to appeal to customers as well. This may be necessary for e-commerce or web site product display. Manipulations for branding and advertising can enhance attractiveness. It is very important to increase social media and digital presence. Using attractive and quality photos establishes good social media profiles.

Essentially, image manipulation is by enhancing the value and characteristics of a particular subject of interest or one’s own thoughts to enhance the attractiveness of an image. The right kind of image manipulation can increase self-esteem and status or brand importance.

What are the general functions of image manipulation?

Image manipulation usually involves a few tasks:

Color correction: correcting the color so that the image is arranged and optimized.

Cropping and Resizing: Changing the size or shape of the image to arrange and optimize the image.

Background Removal and Modification: Remove or modify excessive or unwanted backgrounds.

Lighting correction: can correct lighting effects, shadow brands or different aspects of lighting in the image.

Correction of items in the image: adding or removing items in the image to create the correct focus or type of facing image.