Neck Joint Service

What is Neck Joint service?

Mannequin/Neck Join service  is an image editing process that to remove invisible parts of objects.

Pollen is usually shown on a mannequin over clothing or cloth and the pollen is added as a shadow to another image. In this process the manikin does not have visual value but parts are added for presentation. This process mainly use for branding and displaying designs on garments or fabrics. It uses the special technique of not wearing clothes in the film which is used for display. It uses the special technique of not wearing clothes in the film which affects the performance.


Importance of Neck Join?

Neck Join service importance is very important mainly in clothing and material science or fashion industry. It’s use to showcase the brand’s products or clothing. It very relevant for some important tasks.

Display and Branding: Ghost mannequins  use for product photography on various e-commerce platforms to ensure that the product has the original appeal and display is accurate.

Expansion facility: This process improve the display technology to showcase the brand. It helps to increase product visibility and sales.

Brand Experience: Helps enhance brand experience through customer display engagement.

The importance of customer service is particularly important in brand exposure and marketing strategy, which can help increase the value and value of your product.

How to do Neck Joint?


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The general steps to work are as follows:

  1. Making Chubi on the mannequin.
  2. Remove shadow of invisible mannequin.
  3. Adding cold fibers.
  4. Adding parts of the image.
  5. Demonstrating technology for display or branding.
  6. Photo retouching