Logo Design

What is logo Design?

Logo is an English word. It is a type of graphic symbol or symbol that is usually presented to the public for identification purposes, such as commercial organizations, associations and cooperation. In addition a logo type of graphic design express in symbols or symbols. Which represents the name or part of an organization. We should use them properly. In fact its most demanding part of graphic design.

Types of Professional Logo Design  Service?

Word Mark Logo:  Word mark often referres  to  as logo type. This  logos are usually based on typography. That is, the text contains the company name or brand name. Since only text use in such logos. So the style, color etc. of the text is limited. Consequently we can say that word mark logo important part of logo design

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Letter Mark Logo Design:

Now the second important logo is letter mark logo. The letter mark logo is all about simplicity.Utilizing Minimalism: Logos that Streamline Long Brand Names. Letter mark is commonly known as Monogram logo. In this type of logo, the first letter of the company name is lettered or abbreviated.

 Emblem Logo:
Word mark logo, letter mark logo and then emblem logo equally important for a logo designer. Icons or symbols create emblem logo. This style of logo typically represents a traditional design approach. The history of this logo dates back to the Middle Ages. This logo serves as a primary symbol for educational institutions, governmental bodies, and organizations alike.

Mascot Logo:

The term ‘mascot’ originates from the French word ‘mascotte,’ which translates to lucky charm. Mascot logos exaggerate, like caricatures. They employ basic shapes to communicate the essence of the brand’s character. Mascots either based on people, or anthropomorphic animals and object. Usually Such logos base illustration.

Abstract logo usually represents the company’s idea and qualities. This logo based on shapes or images. These types of logos designed with a mix of colors and unique styles. First we know that How we will create abstract logo. We all need to have an idea about type of logo design moreover we could not be logo designers.

Minimalist Logos:

A minimalist logo is a type of logo design characterized by its simplicity, clean lines, and minimalistic approach to visual elements. It often involves stripping away unnecessary details, leaving only essential elements that convey the brand’s identity, values, and message in a clear and concise manner. Generally icon based logos called symbol/brand/pictorial logos. Choose a company specific icon by which people can easily identify your company.

Combination Mark Logo:

A Combination Mark Logo is a type of logo design that combines both text and a symbol or icon to represent a brand. In a Combination Mark, the text and symbol can integrate together or placed adjacent to each other. In the realm of logos, the spectrum is vast; there’s no need to limit oneself to a single type. For instance there situations where it may necessary to combine several of the above logos. Such logos called combination marks. We will know about this all type of logo furthermore details.

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