Headshot Retouching Service

What is Headshot Retouching Service?

Headshot photo retouching service is a type of photo image editing. It’s mainly use for pictures where a person’s face, eyes, head and shoulders are captured. This service edits many different parts that make the photo more attractive. Basically, the following types of editing are:

  1. Skin Edition: Adding any blemishes, freckles, blemishes, or other skin imperfections to photos.
  2. Face Enhancement: Make attractive through face, eyes, facial fat, smile enhancement etc.
  3. Change the background
  4. Color correction
  5. HAIR STYLING: Hair removal at home, hair styling.
  6. Light or Shading Correction: Adjust brightness, contrast, shading

It’s use for your social media profile, business profile or other purposes.


what type of this service we provide:

Headshot photo retouching service type of advance editing process related to head and shoulder profile photos.

This service use enhance the original quality or sharpness of the image. Which removes, decorates and makes more attractive from personal or professional person photos. For example:

Skin correction, eye correction, face correction, background correction, color correction, hair styling.

This editing service use for personal profile photos, business photos, freelancer portfolios, etc., and images received from photographers.

What kind of quality image is required for headshot photo retouching?

Headshot photo retouching  work basically requires accurate and good quality photos. Because these images use for professional person or business profiles and their quality may not be temporary. The quality of these images will appropriate so that they look professional, natural, smooth, graceful and safe.

Some quality facts of this film are:

  1. Resolution
  2. Face enhancement of lighting and detail
  3. Background