Facebook Ads

What is Facebook ads?

Facebook ads is a technology to serve ads on its resource-provider platform. It drives user profiles, and evaluates based on preferences to show them ads and Helps build relationships with users.

How does it work and Technique?

  1. Targeting
  2. Target customer public
  3. Create add
  4. Selecting the target audience
  5. Setting the budget and schedule

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Service offer :


  1. Ad Campaign Strategy
  2. Ads Creation
  3. Audience Targeting
  4. Budget management
  5. Ad placement optimization
  6. Motoring and Analytics
  7. A/B testing
  8. Remarketing Campaign
  9. Ad performance campaign
  10. Customized solution


  1. targeting
  2. Accurate targeting
  3. Video and image quality
  4. Preparation of parts
  5. Engagement and relationships.

Why do we serve?

  1. Enhanced targeting
  2. Personalized ad
  3. Use of features
  4. Pre-emotional targeting
  5. Appropriate original content.

Why give us work?

  1. Aiming and targeting
  2. Tracking and Analytics
  3. Personalized content
  4. Advertising originality
  5. Budget Intelligence